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Vendesign Tray Inserts in need


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Tried ordering from Richard cuff from freevending.com but he's not returning emails. I am in need of vendesign food tube tray inserts. Just the small plastic piece used to adjust settings.

Seems like particular companies that sell these machines used have a hard time understanding a customers needs. I purchased a bunch of these from a particular large company and stated specifically that I don't want bent bases and I need every canister to have these food tray inserts. The response I got from him was- wow really are you serious? So what happens, they don't ship the inserts. Then you ask for them and you are being too picky and customers should just take what is given. Very poor attitude! None the less they don't need my business they won't receive any again. I won't bash publicly just not appropriate.

Anyone have some to spare please let me know.

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