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What stock control method do you use?

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Just to declare my bias here, I'm writing stock control software for a friend who operates around 100 coin operated vending machines but he doesn't use bulk products, all pre-packed cans.

I'm interested to hear from other vendors however, what software they use, key sticking points, i.e. potential confusion when recording stock in/out, or what you love about your current software?

The software is based on similar software in the marketplace but hopefully much easier to use and web based so he can service his machines on his mobile as he travels as well as on his computer at home.

Features you would love to see or hate would also be useful. My key focus is keeping the software fast and easy to use, i.e. no duplication on data entry, easy to review results etc. but key features that suit a wide range of folks will obviously make for a better product.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



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