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The Journey Begins


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A little background info first-

My name is David and for the past few months I've been quite curious about the notion of owning my own candy route- keep in mind I'm 16 years old so I'd much rather spend my time collecting quarters than working away the precious days of my youth...I've always been the entrepreneurial type-

Well as a few of you know, I bought my first candy machine last week- a double head. It turns out that the guy who sold me this machine has 20 others sitting in his garage for sale....for $450. Since I've been looking to buy candy machines for quite a while now, I've learned that machines for $22.50 a piece are not a normal find....especially when the bulk of the machines are NEW in box. Even better, I offered him $400 for all 20 AND extra parts (such as gumball wheels) and he accepted! $400 for 20 NEW double head machines? That's $20 a piece!

I'm definitely not the type to buy a ton of candy machines at once on a regular basis before locating them, but at $20 a piece I don't know how I can go wrong with this. I have yet to locate the machines- I'm looking at going with Marjorie from MidWest with these. What do you guys think?

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