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Decision to leave Vendiscuss

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been thinking lately, and I am having to make a very hard decision. I have decided, it is my time to go, and leave this site. Vendiscuss has grown to an amazing amount, and I am glad I have been lucky to be a member. I value my membership here, but the site is taking it's toll on me. As I get older, it seems life gets busier. 

I get 100's of emails, every week from vendors, needing help. Most of them are new, and have lots of questions. I have neglected my own 2 forums, and really stopped answering emails from people who I am a support center to. I also run a route, that is slipping away from me little by litte. I feel it is time to go. My offline friends are always mad because I am online, at this site. I spend to much time here, it is an addiction, I must break, or loose it all.

This site is full of amazing people. Steve, I thank you. You are a very cool dude, and know how to run this thing! Gary Alberts, you are an amazing, amazing person. I am glad I met you, and please, feel free to call me Gary. We will stay in touch. Everyone else: You all are an amazing group of vendors. I wish you all the best, and hope for you all, a great future.

My email is: kyle_guth@hotmail .com

Feel free to email me, I will respond when I get the chance.


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I am sorry to hear that you are leaving VENDiscuss.com. You have been a real asset to this site from the beginning of its existence. You have helped so many people with their questions including mine. You have always taken your personal time to help others. However, I do understand the dilemma you are in. If you spend to much time at anything, you can go a little over board and stop spending time with other important things in your life.

Go and get back in touch with your family and friends and just remember that we will all be thinking about you and will always remember the things you have taught all of us.

Thank you again for all you have given to the growth of this websites members.


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Hey Kyle,

I wish you well in your ventures and yes, real life is way more important than online stuff. I feel as though we have become friends and I wish you could not leave and maybe just check in once in awhile.

I am an addictive personality as far as online goes and I had to log off for 6 months a couple of times to break it and to reclaim what was important.

Now (when I am not hurt) I log in, check this board and a couple others for new material, play a quick game I play and run through email. Then off to work. Again, in the evening. I tend to sit while everyone is watching TV, with the laptop on my lap reading this board. I am involved with the family, but I don't care for TV.

Anyway, remember to have fun in life and in all you do.


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