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WANTED Dead or Alive!


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Those of you who have been kicking around here for some time may feel the same. The members below used to be very active members in our community. They were well liked and added tons to VENDiscuss when we were just getting started. I wish these fellows would check back in and give us updates on how they are doing.

  • Lucero. This hypnotherapist / real estate investor / vendor contributed much to the site. His intelligent and poetic posts were well received and are certainly missed. This member was last seen lurking the board on 05/08/08. His last post was 02/13/08 with an entry into his revenue report. Lucero, where are you?
  • dutchboy. Many of you may remember Dutch. He was running his vending empire as a joint venture with his 13 year old son. Dutch had quite the sense of humor and was a true asset to the site. He also narrowly missed winning our Oak Vista giveaway in the acorn hunt. He was last seen lurking the board just days ago on 06/18/08 however we haven't seen a post from him since 10/15/07. dutchboy, where are you?
  • KPower. Our winner in the acorn contest. KPower won the Oak Vista 450, stand, and location. He has not visited us since 05/02/08 and made a final post on 10/24/07. KPower did mention that he and his wife were expecting their first child so I hope all is well on that front. KPower, where are you?
  • Farmer_John. FJ had a unique way of getting his point across. It didn't matter if you shared his views or not, after he explained his position most of us would be left re-thinking our own! He had a knack for always making sense. He was last seen lurking on 05/16/08. His last post was an entry into his revenue report on 01/03/08. FJ has since taken on a full time job to supplement his vending income. I believe he wanted to re-invest his earnings to grow his empire faster. I hope all is well with FJ. Farmer_John, where are you?
If any of you guys see this, please let us know how you are doing. Many of the old Charters would be happy to hear from you and the new members would benefit from reading your words.


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Well, the rumors of my demise are all hogwash.

I spent the first four months of this year working out of state for the companyie that I'm still with.  Now that I'm home, I"m generally up at 4am and home by 8pm.  Doesn't leave a lot of time to post.

Or anything else for that matter.

Still service my three little locations, once every 28 days.  Serviced them today, pulled just under 500 dollars out of them.

I recently set aside an offer from Tejas Distributors, the company wanted me down there now and with some family stuff going on, I just couldn't make it happen.  I hope to make it happen at some future date.

With the current weather situation down there, I'm not totally unhappy with the decision to hold off that one...but I'm still around.

Oh, my laptop blew up a month or so ago and I just got around to firing up my old desktop...time issues being what they are...

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