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They look interesting, but it also looks like they might have a lot of upkeep with all that goes on in one vend.  Many things might go wrong, at least they do give the one year warranty.  What places did you have in mind to place it at?

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Has anybody had sucsess w/ these machines?

They seem very difficult to find a location for.

But I also really like interactive machines, they seem very enticing.

It think you can get 75% - 85% of the sales in the same spot with a single head Oak Vista on a stand. Tha cost and up keep are not worth it.



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I agree with what your saying, but I have a location where gumballs sell like crazy (all kids)...I was thinking I could double it or more with one of these. It a small game room, and I feel like it would do really well

I agree about how the upkeep and parts and stuff would be expensive though...

I'm leaning against it right now, but we'll see...

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Ive had em. They were popular awhile back.

I agree with Big Mike the smaller heads will do almost as good, sometimes better, who knows why..also you might want to think about multiple heads if its that busy a location.


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