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Jay-Son Vending

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Jay-Son, Don't fall into the trap of trying to profile every business type.  For example, there are good pizza parlors and bad ones.  There are safe ones and not-so-safe ones.  Most of the time, you just don't know how a location will perform until you try it.  As far as security goes, you usually have to physicality inspect the location to determine the security situation.  I have some machines in some bad neighborhoods but the locations are very secure and have never been stolen.

As far as pawn shops, I had 2 of them.  One was great and did $120 per month the other was a real dud and did $2 per month.  Never a security issue in either one though.  I lost the good one due to a change in ownership, but would gladly place another one there.  The demographics of pawn shops are usually "average-joe" blue-collar types which are great customers for bulk vending. 

I say "put it in" and give it a shot if you feel comfortable with the neighborhood.  People flow, demographics and security are very hard to assess until you physically visit the location.  And of course you can never really predict the revenue until you place it.  Good luck.



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Thanks for that..Central Connecticut, for the most part, is upscale blue collar(if that makes any sense) and I would only put in the areas where I was comfortable anyway...I suspect that those going in are looking formoney and in that case a little "bummed out" on the circumstances..So..what better way to feel good(cheap) than to drop a quarter in  the PMM machine...

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I think any type account is open for trying out a vending machine. If the account has a lot of foot traffic and is open to trying your machine, you should give it a shot. I am sure you can tell if it is a high risk area or not. If you feel good about it-go for it!

Since you didn't get to many members that have tried it, please let us know how it goes if you decide to go in.


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