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Hey all,

I have just jumped into full line soda machines and snack machines. I was wondering what systems you experienced vendors use that shows good etiquette? Meaning...do you rush in, dump the money, check the cans/food, rush back out again, get the stuff you need....or...walk in with stock on hand, get the money casually...check this, check that?

For example, one of my locations is upstairs and I don't want to be carting drinks up and down the stairs too much...what is the best way to service that machine?


Would any of you be keen on posting up a service sheet that you use? I've tried creating my own for the snack machines, and that seems to be working, but for the drink machines? What do you use? e.g. stock on hand, expiry date, current levels in the machine...etc...how do you record all of that? Revenue? Profit? Taxes?

There are a multitude of things to record. Help!!

I hope I get heaps of replies to this :)

Thanks everyone,


Retro Vending

"Old Skool Excellence"

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I have a ouple of machines that are upstairs. I take my file folder of inventory sheets for the account and my collection bag. I count the sales, revenue and the inventory and mark down what I need to re-fill the machine. I discreetly empty the cash.Then I go back and bring in only what I need.

Always try to be as low profile as possible when handling the money.


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I go in with my pad and paperwork and do a quality check on the products first and very discreetly remove the monies before I return to my vehicle for the inventory.  I focus on replacing the products from that point forward.

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