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Mike and Ike's sticking together


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I have found the I am having some problems with mike and ikes sticking together in the machine, then causing the mech to jam up, I am using the old Sega triple head machines, they hold alot of product so it might be the weight, I am pretty sure it not the heat as I keep them in my very cool basement before locating them. Anyone else have a problem with this? Any help would be great thanks

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light coating of pam really does help. I always did that before and never had a problem. Then one day I had to refill some and I wasnt prepared, I had the bag of M&I but not the spray with me so i filled them anyway without spraying and sure enough when I went back the next month they were one big glob of M&I in the machine.

Dont use too much though. I usually dump the whole bag in a large ziploc bag and then spray a very little bit and then shake the bag and mix it all in and then i so that once more, both times with just 1 little spray

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