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Anna Z- I am new!

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I bought two gumball machines for way too much $ back in November.  After I placed the first two, I realized that it is a good business, I just needed to get machines at a good price.

  I found someone on Craig's List selling 125 used machines.  I bought those, and am now getting those located.

 I look forward to learning from all of you as we grow our businesses together!



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Welcome to VENDiscuss.com Anna.

We are glad that you found us. We look forward to hearing more about your vending business as it grows.

What type of machines did you buy? Do you have a professional locator or are you finding places for them yourself?

Again, welcome to the forums.


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I am using 2 different locator companies right now, and plan to add in a third to keep things moving.  I bought used machines.  About 80 triple heads, and 45 singles/doubles.  I started with the 2 gumball, and they are the "basketball- HotShots".  Cool machines, but they don't make much more than regular machines, and I paid 10X as much for them,  Live and learn!!!

I will probably never replace my income with this business, but I want my kids (ages 12 and 15) to manage it and learn that there are more ways to make money than a typical job.

I own real estate, a travel agency, and trade foreign currency.  I also work a real job.  I need to figure out what to focus in someday- but I love them all!!!!

Anyway, that was more than you asked, but thanks for the welcome!

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