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Hope everyone is doing OK.

AmuseStar Vending Co

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I hope all you vendors out there are doing OK. I thought I would stop by on this Sunday because it is Vendiscuss's Birthday week, how could I not!

T Bird, I have not heard anything else about the lows brother! I hope that deal is still OK!

Steve, Congrats on the 1 Year! I remember the site when it was still in the testing phase!

For anyone who cares, my business is better then ever. Many doors have opened since I left this site. Vending is very good for me right now.

Anyone can reach me at: kyle_guth@hotmail.com



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Here's a name from the past. Welcome back my friend. What happened, are you getting lonely without all that time you where spending on VENDiscuss? I knew you would return again some day. There is so much happening here each week that no one should be without a shot of VENDiscuss.com

I am glad your business continues to grow. With your skill for the business it should continue to do so for a long. Please visit next Saturday for our birthday party. Especially, since you where here when it was just born.


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