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in person locating verus telemarketing locating


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The best way to get accounts is:

1. Get them yourself. (See the accounts and the owners/managers)

2. Use a locator and tell him the type of accounts you want.

3. Use a locator that goes out to find accounts face-to-face. (That you want)

4. Use a locator that seats in an office and calls accounts from the telephone book.

You will save $10-$15 on the phone calls but I would be afraid of what I might get.

Which one would you pick?


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 have any members found a in person locator was more effective than just by phone, i notice the difference in price is usually $10  to $15 more, has this been a big benefit to any members .

With In person locating your locations will be closer together,  the locators are walking the street, one business right after the other. This way is good when you are first starting out or doing a big push..

Phone, they are working zip codes so it could be anywhere in that zone. This is a good way to replace dropped locations or to do slower growth once the route is established.

Both ways are effective if your using good locators.

I agree with westcost though, you will save a ton of money and get the locations you want by doing it yourself.


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