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I just started


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hello everyone!

I just got started a few weeks ago with my route. I purchased 10 triple heads from superpro and 10 Dentyne Ice from there too. I had them located for me but I do plan on working on getting my own in the future. I delivered all my machines within the past 3 weeks and I just made my first collection run yesterday and it was pretty good. I only collected from 15 of the machines so far because I just delivered the other ones and will get them next time around.  I came home with $150 from 15 machines that were in place for 2 and a half weeks. Is that about right?  Im pretty happy with it. If all 15 were the triple heads, I would have came home with alot more. I had a few dentyne ice machines that only had $3-$4 in them. I did have a few dentyne ice machines that were between $12-$15. All the triple heads had more than $15 though, some close to $30. Thats just for 2 + weeks.  I think I will stick to growing with the triple heads unless i the Dentyne machines pick up.

some questions...

The peanut MM by far seemed to be the best seller ( Mike and Ike was second)

How many pieces do you give away for the quarter? I have mine set that it gives approx. 8 pieces. Is that average?

I didnt put any sort of gumballs in my triple heads. most of these are placed in break rooms in factories and other work settings. Should i be putting gumballs? I read alot of topics here and everyone seems to have them. I just didnt think they would sell that great in that type of setting. suggestions?

Well anyway, my name is Chad and I look forward to getting to know some people already doing this business. Right now i have 20 but I hope to get to about 80-100 and keep this a side job but who knows.

Do any of you do this full time? how is that working out for you?

Have a great day!

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Welcome to the board Chad! You are doing very well, and your numbers seem right on. Question about the Dentyne Ice though, where do you have those located? I have 6 myself and they are all located in restaurants or bars. My Dentyne Ice machines  are projected to average $25 bucks a location with my highest being $35. Of course these are projections, but I found with these machines that it is a niche market so you have to choose locations carefully. Let me know!

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Welcome to the board Chad!

It a pleasure to have you here and thanks for the great first post! It seems like you are going to do pretty well with your locations.


The peanut MM by far seemed to be the best seller ( Mike and Ike was second)

How many pieces do you give away for the quarter? I have mine set that it gives approx. 8 pieces. Is that average?


Once you get 10 posts in make sure you request access to our member PLUS section and you will be able to view other vendors actual revenue numbers and even add your own for comparison if you wish. PMM are by far my best seller as well.

Here is a list of common vendible items and their suggested serving amount...

--Peanut M&M's: 8-10 pieces

--Plain M&M's: 12-14 pieces

--Runts: 10-12 pieces

--Skittles: 12-14 pieces

--Reese's Pieces: 12-14 pieces

--Mike & Ike: 6-8 pieces

--Chiclets: 10-12 pieces

--Cashews: 10-12 pieces

--Hot Tamales: 6-8 pieces

--Pistachios: 10-12 pieces


This list is a good rule of thumb however you are best off if you listen to your accounts. Make sure you give enough product so that they are satisfied as a satisfied customer is a return customer.


Once again Chad, Welcome!




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Welcome Chad,

Sounds like your off to a good start. I do this fulltime however, I am a  year old that still as I call it milks the bottle........I still live at home and go to college, there is much opport. in this business. I have 100 accounts/locations and im getting more and more everyday. I use prof. locators to locate my machines. It does cost 50.00 per location but it beats trying to go out in the heat and locate yourself. I use the winter months to obtain locations myself when its colder out and less traffic. Casseri has been a role model for me as well as many other vendors. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask me and ill help you the best that i can.



West Lake Vending :)


-Aint nothing to it but to do it!

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Thanks for the input guys!

To answer the question about the Dentyne Ice.

I have one at a chinese restaurant- made $3 in 2+ weeks. I guess that will have to be moved. I dont think they have a great walk in business there

one sitting in front of Auntie-Annes thats in Walmart. That one had $12 after 2 + weeks. Im fine with that because it projects to close to $20 a month but I was kinda disappointed because I thought sitting in Walmart would make it a nice spot but its not totally visible for everyone I guess. Im content though and the lady who owns it is so nice. It should be a pleasant stop each time around.

another is at this one local family owned pizza place. So far, this is my best one. It already had $16 after 2 + weeks. Awesome people there too! It was one of my last stops and I was hungry so I had lunch there.  I can see myself eating there every time around. Keeps the owner happy too :) 

another at this other local pizza joint but that one isnt doing as well. maybe $5 after 2 + weeks. I dont think they have the high volume business there. Ill give it another 6 weeks or so I guess.

another one in a bar.  had about $5 in so far. I was disappointed with that because I thought bars would be the best place for them. I still think it is but this place only uses a side door and the place he had me put it doesnt jump out at people as they leave. I still think bars will be the best as long as someone who is leaving can see it.

I also have one in a Staples break room. Its not doing well.  bad idea. Its still early but I think those things arent gonna fly in smaller breakrooms. Maybe in a bigger factory.

I have one sitting by the door at a local golf course too. That one has done well. About $13 so far in 2+ weeks.

I also have one in a pool/hottub showroom, at another breakroom in local factory and a rec. center for kids but I havent been back yet. Ill let ya know.

But yeah, It seems like those machines can do ok if in the right place but I believe Iwill expand with the triple heads only for now. They are so easy to service and they produce.

Im babbling :P  Im excited as Im sure all of you were when you first started.

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Caserri, where did you get that list of recommended vend amounts? If you came up with it, would I be able to copy that for use on a vending blog I'm in charge of for candymachines.com? I'll credit you and link to your site too. Also, I emailed you!


Well I cant take all the credit. That list has been floating around on the Internet for a while. It is a very good rule of thumb though. It protects your profit margin while providing an ample amount of product for the customer. If you would like to use it be my guest!


I can see myself eating there every time around. Keeps the owner happy too :) 


You have learned well grasshopper! I made a lengthy post somewhere on the Internet, (don't remember if it was here or not) about how to get and keep good locations. This is one of the best ways to keep a great location. Once you develop a good relationship with the location owner, you're in forever!


Im babbling :P  Im excited as Im sure all of you were when you first started.


Babble on my friend! Your excitement does wonders to re-charge and re-invigorate those who have done this awhile. Nothing gets me going and excited about this biz more than hearing stories and experiences like yours. Keep 'em coming!


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Well my wife and I are researching the vending machine business and these forums are incredible from info to fights. I love it, it lets me know that I'm dealing with real people. We are from Lancaster California a fun town about 55 miles north of L.A. I have a simple question, what is the average % you leave to the owner of the shop? I have spoken to only a few shop owners and they say they take in 50%. One shop owner said he charges $30-$50 dollars per month depending on the size of the machine.  

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Welcome to the forums Berto!

Its a pleasure to have you here. Like Pusherman said, It really depends on the type of equipment you have. I run 100% charity bulk machines but I have heard that 25-30% is a sufficient commission to pay a location.

If you are interested in full line, here is a link to a page on my website that outlines various beverage vending programs that I offer locations.


Good luck and once again welcome!


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