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Money-Less socity!

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I was just sitting here thinking about what it would be like if we went to a money-less socity. I have heard others talk about this and it is actualy scary. I am not a writer so please forgive if you don't like. I would love it if someone thought the consept was good and changed it to make a greate story. Feel free to correct grammer and repost.


My idea of what the end of money would be like.

It was a warm sunny day on the beach. I was sifting through the sand and found something strange. It was a round disk with a picture on it. I admire it and decided to take it home. I got out a cleaning solution and cleaned off the dirt, grime, and tarnish. It turned out that it was a picture of a person and was made in 1998. I was amazed by the product and took it to show my grand mother. She looked at it with saddening eyes. She slowly started to speak with a shiver in her voice. Darling this is what they call money. Money? I asked. Yes darling we used to money to buy stuff with. My thoughts ran and ran trying to imagine what the machine looked like that you would place this into and how the credits would be added and subtracted.

Grandma walked over to the closet and pulled out a little green paper. She slowly handed it to me with her shaky hands. This paper had a picture on it also. It had the number one in all eight corners, four on front and four on back. It had a picture of a person on the front. Grandma I asked “Is this grandpaâ€? She chuckled for the first time I ever remember. “No darling that is [President George Washington]â€. But grandma that can’t be this is dated 2003 and he died years before then. “Yes darling he did they put past presidents on all moneyâ€.

Grandma started to cry. Grandma why are you crying? “I remember when we had money and life was so much better. The government didn’t tax you for giving your grandkids five dollars on Christmas, birthdays, or just because you love them. You could go to a store and not see signs that read [No sales less then $30.00]. The government convinced the people that going to money-less society would benefit everyone. Soon after jobs were lost because they relied on cash, business shut down because they couldn’t afford the processing fees, and the government taxed everyone even kidsâ€.

I had to ask I couldn’t hold it back. Grandma what was it like in the twenty and early twenty first century? “Well you could go to a store and buy only a small pack of gum if you liked. You could put coins in a machine for just a quarter and get a small handful of candy. You could go to stores that were small and only dealt with one type of item, they called them specialty stores. You could even own your own business.â€

WOW grandma that don’t sound so bad. “No darling it was wonderful. It’s almost 12:00 so its time for the parkâ€. Grandma I wish I could go on the swings first. “When money was around we had our choice and were not told. It wasn’t tell the 500th amendment that we lost that rightâ€. Grandma what is the 500th amendment? “Well sweaty after they took money away they started writing huge amounts of amendments and the 500th was the final. It stated that the constitution of the United States of America was null and void. The constitution gave us rights and freedoms that I remember when I was younger.†This was all created because of money grandma? “Well no the removal of money helped remove our rights. It gave the government control of our values and thus in return gave them complete controlâ€. OK grandma, I do not won’t to miss my appointment to play at the park, it only happens once a month.


So nest time you hear someone wish we were moneyless just rember its giving control to uncle sam, big companies, and banks. It will not benefit you, small business, or your children.



P.S. I was debating between bulk vending and another forum. I choise this becouse a money-less socity would effect us the most. We need to start making sure that everyone knows that this would be a bad idea before it becomes a reality.


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That is really an interesting story. Personally, I use credit for almost everything since I don't like carrying a bunch of cash around. Even then, there is nothing like the feeling of cold hard cash in your hand. I went to the bank today to cash in quarters and it felt so nice having all that money in my hand. Perhaps this sounds a little weird, but I really enjoy the smell of money. When I got home, I had to take a whiff of it before I put it in my safe.

IMO we need to eliminate the penny and use the dollar coins and get rid of the 1 dollar bill. For that matter eliminate the nickel and make a $0.50 coin. It sure would make vending candy for $0.50 alot easier.

The penny cost more to make than it is worth and essentially worthless. People try to get rid of them. It just makes sense to get rid of it.

The nickel is next in line for elimination. It too is fairly worthless. People are just as apt to throw out a nickel as a they are to throw out a penny. Why start our currency off at a 5 cents? Lets be logical and start it off at 10 cents. It makes a lot more sense.

A 50 cent coin makes a lot more sense than a nickel or penny. It is half-way between 0 and 100. It would make making chage easier. Anyone who's seen a cashier try to make change can understand the need for simplicity.

The dollar coin. Your most used product needs to be your most durable product. Dollar coins would last much longer than the dollar bill. As it is now, I rarely use dollar bills, I much prefer the coin. My wife doesn't so much care for the coin only because she doesn't get them very often except from me, so she doesn't know what to do with them when I give them to her.

There's my rant and rave over our money system.


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 I don't have problems with credit cards, debt cards, or prepaid cards. I just don't wont to ever see physical money leave. It need to remain an option (as legal tender). I somewhat agree and somewhat disagree with the penny. They do cost more to produce then they are worth. The problem lies in sales tax's. If they got rid of the penny then taxes would have to go one of two ways up or down. I would think the government would increase before they decreased. If they got rid of the nickel they would all have 10% or more sales tax. I know what you are saying about being worthless to allot of people but I think a lot of us still do keep them. I have around 50+ dollars worth of pennies.

As for the dollar; I am caught in the middle of this one. I think it would be nice to have the dollar as a coin because it would give it some worth. Right now paper money is worthless when you look at the resources it contains. If they made it out of a metal then it would have some value to it. On the other hand I really do not wish to pack around a bunch of dollar coins in my pocket. It is pretty sad thought that value wise coins are worth more then bills.


Thanks for reading my story I wasn't going to post it but thought what the heck give them something to laugh at me over.


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I'm so happy that paper money is around, as a teenager that is all I use is cash.  I don't even plan on getting a credit card when i'm older because carrying around cash makes me so much more conscience of how much money I actually have.  I do have an atm card, but I only use that when the bank is closed.  If I had a credit card, I would probably be in debt so fast, it wouldn't be funny. It is what happened to my brother in college.

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NIce and enteresting story desert_gold_hound,   I support the idea of the dollar coin because of vending industry and also the coin should be made of silver for that reason  we now our money have a real value, metal and papper its only that.


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