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4-select vs. Triple Heads

Jay-Son Vending

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I know many of you use two head machines...I have used 8-select and I am now gearing toward the 4-select(I like my uturns...) 

Many of you also use 3 select machines of different makes...Why 3 over the 4..is there a difference to you in amount of product  selection..All of the pro's and cons.....

I am planning my next leg of expansion....looking for all opinions...


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It really depends on the accounts you are placing them in. I use what ever fits the account. I use triples but sometimes I go with 2-4 triples. The triples seem to fit in just about every account. I use 1800's machines. They take up very little floor space and hold enough variety to satisfy most accounts.



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     Jay,  I like my triples. Why?  I feel they are easy to service, provide a nice selection and don't take up much space.   But to be completely honest with you, I would buy any machine if it was a good deal.  I just haven't found any U-turns that are for sale around me.  As Madison said, I'm trying to get used equipment at a reasonable price so I have a faster  ROI.

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