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Please give back

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Steve I hope this is an OK poste.

With it being the 1st Birthday, VENDiscuss.com has decided to give to its members even more then normal. This is wonderfull and I have to thank you. I have gained so much in the few days I have been a member here. I am proud that I found the site and keep it on my moniture when my computer is on so all I have to do is hit F5 and I know of any new posts. There are costs involved with running webpages.

This forum has some of the best information out there. If it is not there then you can ask and receive. How much would you pay for this information if you were to go take a course? Think about this, VENDiscuss.com is FREE to you and I.

So being that its VENDiscuss.com's birthday lets give back. Donate what ever you can. It doesn't have to be much. Infact if 30 of us gave just $5.00 that would help the forum generate $150.00. Now considering how much you have saved, made, or will save/make that is very little to give in return.

I already gave a small amount (wont say how much) and I hope you all follow in my steps.


Thank you VENDiscuss.com, Steve, and everyone else who contributes.

Dean Murray 


EDIT: Here is the link to donate. http://www.vendiscuss.com/forums/donate.htm

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