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HELP Me boss is laughing at me!!!!

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My boss is sitting here laughing at me for all the refreshing of this page I have been doing. She says I am all play no work. I told her to fire me (well begged) and she won't do that she only laughed harder. I keep telling her I don't do any work so she is just loosing money on me. She just keeps me anyways.

I told her my goal was to be fired this year. She said that she might consider fireing me in one year and one day, but will not fire me a minut sooner.


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Yea it doesn't help when 3 years ago I left my old job for her. She had cancer and was going to lose her buisness. So I moved over her to help her out and havent been able to leave. She got over the cancer (thank god) and cant do the larger dogs. So I am doing the dogs that fight, bathe, and all large dogs. I make O.K money but this by far shorter then I am used to making.

What we won't do to help our MOM's.

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