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Future of Bulk Vending

Jay-Son Vending

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I have just seen an ad on craigslist here in CT for an "established" route for "energy bites"

I am looking for some feedback from the crowd here...Is this a fad or does this product have legs..

I know that the value is in the numbers..negotiating is not my concern...The question is..will the product be valuable to me in 12 months and beyond??

What say you...

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"The market for energy drinks alone is fast approaching the $11 billion mark, growing at the rate of 40% a year."

That statement comes from the Buzz Bite sales document on their web site. Will any other energy product have that kind of growth, unknown to me.

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I have kept up on all of the "bad Press" of the "buss Bites" fiasco....

BUT...as in all of these biz ops..the original buyers begin to want out...wether for finacial reasons or otherwise...

The big question for thes is at what price point does buying into the machines and the product make sense...The person I had contact with was offering 5 machines on site for $5,000..now that is way too much..but the question is.....will these products still be a want 12-18 months from now???

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