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Does anyone have any experience w/ Beavers.  Their style is similar to what  I am looking for instead of Seagas.  Seaga no longer manufacture the color scheme I have (red/green).  The Oaks and NW are too square for my liking.  However this could change depending on cost



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Beaver mechs are top of the line.  I have a few and they are really well made, but on the pricey side.  You may be able to find used machines on craigslist.com which is where I got mine.  You get what you pay for.


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Where do you buy yours?  What colors work best or do you use?  Do you use singles or doubles? And anything else you can think of!!!




Whew! Where to start! Actually I bought all mine from an existing route, my plan was if that did not go through I would buy direct from the manufacture in quantity.

85 % are Doubles, then there is 5 triples, 10% quads and two 6 racks for a total of 365 heads.

Body's are green (less than 1% other)

Globes are both square and round about 60% round

Different conversions for different products, in fact from my understanding one of the only manufactures conversions that can do 2 pieces of dentyne ice. (shallow wheel)

All stands are chrome

All body's are abs (plastic), yes they are available in metal but why? abs colour is all of the way through so need to worry about rust or chip paint.

Most of my machines are > 10 years old and still standing strong.

Beavers are considered the best, do they warrant this title, unknown to me as they are the only ones I have any experience with except u-turn (not so good). Do I have some of the same problems as others, sure, coin mechs, locks, but probably not as often. Parts are easy to come by, if needed.

When Steve finally has the video section setup I will post a video on the tear down and service of a Beaver,(After I buy a camera, anybody have any good vid camera suggestions) I would also strongly suggest that every machine out there have a video on then made too. That way all of us will be able to see what the difference are with out buying different machines.

Lee please ask any further questions and specifics that you would like answered.

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I have many Beavers and they are extremely reliable.  They are very pricey, but if you're in it for the long haul, its a good choice.

When I got into bulk vending, I put a large company under option to buy over about a 4 year period.  The company had Beavers out for eleven+ years with superior results.  Many of the accounts were almost generational accounts with this equipment being in some locations from day one.  I consider Beavers the Cadillac of machines even though others are great too.  Its a little hard to do toy vending in a round globe (your display don't always fit well) compared to a square globe like a northwestern.

I don't know about Seagas, but I would run the numbers and look at your return on investment buying different types of machines.  Used machines are my favorites, especially if you can buy out a competitor with machines already making money.  Just buying machines with product already in them can really affect your ROI when you really run the numbers.  I would encourage you to pick up the phone and call a competitor and open negotiations.  I've done it with excellent results (bought 4 companies).

Best of luck to you.


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