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First 3 Machines Placed!


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They're used candy machines: 2 Vendstars and 1 U-Turn.

The first was the U-turn, Friday at a daycare/learning center with a sizable break room.  They may let the kids at it once in a while they said.

The next two were yesterday.  One was at a motorcycle accessories shop.  There was a gumball machine already there, but we're not doing gumballs in the Vendstar.  Still I don't have high hopes for that one.

The other was at a shoe repair store in the mall.  The store has a good location, right by a busy entrance.  Wonder if the machine will do any business from passers-by or just from customers of the store?  We placed where passers-by could see, just in case.

Our adventure has officially begun.  It feels great to actually have the first few machines out there.

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Alright Zannah,

You are on your way. It's a start. Just keep going and the others will be out there before you know it. Those first few may end up getting pulled out by the time you get all of them out. You will find better locations if they don't work out.

It sure feels good doesn't it? You are in the vending business!

Good luck Z. I'm excited for you.


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Good Job

Keep up the locating. You are better then me I plan to take the lazy mans approch with mine. I am just going to pay someone to locate for me. I will try to locate some but I dont know that I will do in person. One of my goals for the machines is to get my teath fixed and I am so embarased about them I think it would hold me back.

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UPDATE:  First 5 1-800-VENDING models on location by today!

We got 16 additional used 1-800s locally (no shipping, good price). So now we have a total of 48 machines (20 new, 28 used).

We placed 2 more last night, and 3 are going in today.

The 5 new locations are: a craft store break room, a grocery store break room, two manufacturing/warehouse break rooms, and a pizza place.

We're doing a combo of energy chews, PMMs, Dark Choc PMMs, Skittles, and Dentyne Ice for these locations.

So after today, it should be 8 down and 40 to go.

We're using a combination of 3 location services to get these done. I will post reviews of the location services when all are in and we have a bit of a track record for each.

Thanks to all here for the encouragement. It feels good to get them out of the house and know that they are finally pulling in quarters. The process was so much slower than we had thought, but finally it seems like the ball is starting to roll.

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