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Defense/Protection Options??

black panther

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With my current situation I was thinking it would be a good topic and discussion for others and future reference on how one can protect themselves from unethical locator's that are just cons and scammers.

I am still trying to work out my situation and am currently out a ton of money and have a bad taste in my mouth with locator's.  I am open to suggestions on how to handle getting my money back and even how to charge this individual as well as hoping to inform others for if they happen to be in this predicament in the future. 

I have already filed complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), and CPA (Consumer Protection Agency) as well as posted a negative review.

What was suggested to me today is to make out a police report and also contact the FBI due to interstate action and the amount of money lost.  These fly-by-night people are hard to track down and locate that makes them hard to serve normal court papers to so need assistance from a legal authority.

Please add any additional comments and suggestions for all.

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I think this is an awsome post. You gave some good advice in the post and also asked for help to keep others informed. I voted for this post as it was worthy of it.

I would like to suggest what I am doing. I am only going to use locators that have 5 or more positive posts on vendiscuss.com I also check those posts to make sure I know the poster.

I figure this way I am NOT using some fly by night place.

The other thing I am going to do is only give them 1 or 2 locations to begin with. I don't wont to give them everything. There are two locators on here that I would make an exception too and that is becouse they have supper reveiws.

Good luck with getting all your problems taken care of. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

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