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Just started today


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Just wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone here. I've learned a lot (and from one other forum too where I see a lot of the same names posting).

Today I bought 2 of the XYZ EasyPro Triples. Now I will try to place them.

I went around and around on single, double or triple heads. Everytime I thought I knew what to do and had decided on a vendor, I read a different post and changed my mind :)

In the end, I decided to try and place these. If only one head does well, I'll buy a single and re-locate the triple. If two heads do well I'll buy a double and re-locate the triple. If all three heads do well I'll be very happy and buy another triple :)

Anyway, I'll keep people posted on how things go.

My goal is to try and get 100 heads within a year and see where to go from there.

Again, thanks to everyone who posts here. I've learned a lot from you.


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Welcome to the family!

It's great to have you aboard. I hope you will continue to visit and post here often instead of on that "other forum" ;)

Congrats on the purchase of your machines. You've taken the first step and that is great. Keep us updated on your progress.


BTW, When you get a moment, be sure to update your profile so we can learn more about you.

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I have been thinking alot about doing what you are going to do. I have thought about doing it backwards also. It is a wonderfull way to get the locations built to the size you need.

I think you will do fine with this approch. I would consider trying different candy if there is a chance something might do better and allow your tripple location to do better.

Good luck

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