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Location Proposal

Randy 805

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I had a meeting with a potential location this morning, an apartment complex with about 85 units, the meeting was very positive and the Complex Manager would like me to submit a proposal she could then give to the owners, what is typically included in a proposal of this kind?  Are there any templates or example proposals here on this website?  I've not been able to locate a document section with example contracts, proposals, ect...

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Do not mention commission! If they want something for free then offer them a case of water- 35 count once a month for their monthly meetings. Start your prices as high as possible and work down...it is easier to work down on prices than going up! Dress somewhat professionally, just like the person you met.

Offer them chips, choc bars, granola bars, cookies and mention the word "healthy"-good for business! Nuts, cashews and almonds are good starters! Mention you will clean the keypad once a month along with the glass.

Mention weekly service or ask the customer to call for "sudden service". Leave a float for the customers who are "vending machine challenged"...... known as dummies!

Talk about your snack machines-yes place two snack machines, one for taxes and one for retirement! Kidding place 2 snack machines, one for chips and one for choc bars....more money for you!

Talk about your pop machines-place 2 pop machines, one for taxes and one for retirement! Kidding again-one for cans, one for bottles. I sell bottles for $2.50 for a 24oz pop. I stress the fact the customer is getting more fizzy in one shot! In the can vendor sell coke and pepsi, diet beverages for diabetics, clear beverages for cola haters and alcoholics and throw in root beer for flavour. Also metion you will have juice for kids, alcoholic mix ( screwdrivers) and even bottles water for when the pipes burst in the building-winter is coming!

I would also mention a bill acceptor is coming-this buys you time to figure out it is worth getting one for this joint! I also sell rolling papers, cigs and laundry soap in my vendors-smoking while doing laundry!

Talk about energy efficient machines-mention your machines use low power, enviro friendly coolalnt, LED ( low emitting diodes) to reduce green house gases and save the world! Mention your machines can be configured to power down at night!

Even mention you will take requests! But do NOT mention commissions-parting with your profits sucks! If you have to pay commissions pay them yearly, on January 1 when they are hungover!Do not mention commissions, talk about the weather!

If you do have to pay commission offer them anything other than cash-alcohol, free water once a month, grocery gift cards, expired chips ( kidding) almost ready to expire chips, slow moving product from another location, friendship, love, work-anything except money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

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