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Types of posts.


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There are many kinds of posts on here and I would like to brake them down a bit.

I’m not sure what to do question: One type of question is the one that you really are not sure what to do. You are confused and not sure what to do. You ask and are willing to look at both sides. You are essentially researching.

Interested in knowing post: Then there is the question that you are asking for curiosity sake. It may affect the way you do things in time or with the right answer now. Like above your are researching, or brain picking.

Set in my way, just wont reassurance post: There are questions asked by people that already know what they are going to do they just wont reassurance of their idea or thought. Everyone could say don’t do this and usually it wouldn’t stop them. They are looking for the YES GOOD IDEA answers. It is still a good question to ask because it can tell you what your potential down falls may be.

Information Posts: This is when you are posting your knowledge (or lack of) to help out others. You may be answering a question someone else had. This is simple and to the point.

HowTo: This is when you right a short article (or book) on how to do something. This could also fall into the information posts, however; deserves it’s own category.

Bashing Posts: This is the type of post to stay away from. You are essentially posting for no other reason then to bash a company, person, previous post, or answer. This is never a good idea.

A review post: You are giving your feelings, believes or thoughts on a person, place, or thing. You are not bashing because you are willing to give the good and the bad. Your post could save money, headaces or other problems for the next person.

Just to post post: This post has nothing and is essentially just a person wonting to post something.

Welcome: this is a post to welcome someone or to introduce yourself to the forum.

Joke or off topic post: These can be good and help to keep the forum interesting. Just make sure its in the right area of the forum.

Advertising post: This could be a good thing or bad. No one wants to see sex sites posting on this site (ok ok maybe some like it), on the other hand; everyone wants to get a good deal. If this post is on topic and stays within the rules go for it, otherwise don’t bother posting it.

Misl Post: This is a place to let all other types of posts to fall into as there are many.

I am mentioning this because we really should know what type we are posting. I am very bad about this myself. I don’t think and just post. I would call this an information/off topic post. If we know what type of post it is we can better communicate the information/question we are stating. This shouldn’t stop you from posting just help in figuring out how you should go about it. Lets say you feel you are bashing another post. By thinking about this before you hit the submit button you can re read your post and make it a little more polite if it is rude. This is just one example of how this can help and I am sure there are many more.


I will stop rambling now and let you all reply with bashing posts :)

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