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State of Industry report says bulk vending sales down?


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So I am new to the forum, and I would like to say this forum provides an enormous amount of information.. so thank you all.

A couple of questions... I live in Boston. Do you guys think  my location would make it easier to find high paying locations because of the population density and plentiful of businesses? Harder because of the competition? or Both?


Some negatives I have found recently is from the industry report dealing with bulk vending. I understand hard working individuals are having great sucess on this board, but is the overall market going downhill?


2005 average gross per machine = $127

2007 average gross per machine = $35

It also shows that on location are about 1/4 of the locations that were there in 2005? Anyone know the reason behind this (gas price increase)? Are these stats reliable?

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I think one thing that that has brought that number down is more, and more people are buying bulk machines. I have noticed locations are filling up around here. Amount of new vendors is getting thick. Just think, I and another man use to be the only guys in town. Now, there are an average 10 in each town, most biz op is crappy locations.


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i think that the decrees gross per machine is due to more and more venders getting into the buisness. they have to strech to find new locations that arn't already ocupied these being less busy and having less gross pulling down the average


isn't bulk vending surposto do good in times of economic hardship

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