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I have alarge collection of doubles I'm about to put out (and by large, I mean 6, which is alot for me) My two top candies, and the ones I am thinking of going with, are PMM and Gumballs. The cost of Peanut MMS is so high though, is there another candy that is such a sure seller as well?


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Yes, peanut m&m's are a great seller but the price is high if you are comparing them to gum balls. Gum balls are the best. Try Mike & Ike. I have found that they are a better seller than even m&m's. I started with both and M&I out sells them every time. You can get them in Sam's club in 4.5lb. bags for $6.84.

$6.84 / 72 oz. =  .095/oz.  (1/2 serving @ .0453 cost) 144 servings per bag

144 x $.25 = $36 - $6.84 cst = $29.16 profit per bag  (76.5% Profit Margin) Not to bad!


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