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AMOA International Expo, Las Vegas, NV

West Coast Vend LLC

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I just registered for the AMOA expo in Vegas, NV. I would love meeting some of the members there.

Is anyone from here planning on going to this trade show. (Sept 10th-12th)

All the big names will be there from A to Z.

Let me know if you are going.



A & A Global Industries, Inc. 806

Allstar Vending 504

American Alpha Inc. 404

American Amusement Machine Assoc./AAMA 211

American Changer Corp. 405 

Amusement & Music Operators Association 1104

Andamiro USA Corp. 848

Apple Industries 656

Arachnid, Inc. 822

ARMS International Inc. 513

AstroSystems, Inc. 1121

ATM Express 763

Axes Network Solutions Inc. 1004

Barden Entertainment, Inc. 301

Baton Lock and Hardware Co., Inc. 165

Benchmark Games 310

Betson Enterprises 540


Bob's Space Racers Inc. 104

Bonita Marie International, Inc. 308

Brady Distributing Company 557

Brand Vending Products 407

C.B. Sales & Dist. LLC 501 

Cadillac Jack 1028

Camlock Systems Inc. 145

Champion Shuffleboard 751

Coast to Coast Entertainment 162

Coin Acceptors, Inc. 147

Coin Tech S.A. 804

Coin-Op Trader 200

CoinopTODAY.com/The Resource Book 1061

Cypress Advantage 1063

Diamond Vending Technologies, LLC 705

Ecast 844

Esco Imports, Inc. 903

Figure 8 Group, Inc. 1020

Firestone Financial Corp. 217

Five Star Redemption 704

Fun Express 1040

Game Time International (GTI) 1221

Global Billiard Mfg. Co. Inc. 820


Greenwald Industries 561

HMS Monaco 512

Hoffman Mint 304

Hot Games 600

Imonex Service, Inc. 510

Incredible Technologies / Silent Partner 616

Infinite Peripherals, Inc. 511

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (I.C.E.) 416

International Currency Technologies, Inc 762

Jukebox License Office 1107

JVL Corporation 316

Kalkomat 1052

Kemac Toys 120

King Plush 1016

LAI Games USA, Inc. 256

Lectro-Truck/IMS, Inc. 604

Lock America, Inc. 109

Locking Systems International Inc. 464

Magnetic Cash 660

Manley Toy Direct/Toy Network 909

Medalist 1128

MEI 710

Merit Entertainment 240

Merlin Technologies, Inc. 749

Micro Distributors, Inc. 601

MITEK (Atlas Sound, Soundolier, MTX) 962

Mountain Coin Machine Distributors 312

Namco America Inc. 116

National Dart Association 1105

National Ticket Company 110

Neotec Graphic International Inc. 662

Noel Industries Inc. 113

Novelty Liquidators 100

NSM Music Inc. 840

O.K. Manufacturing 513

One Stop Shop 362

Peek-A-Boo Toys 701

Pioneer Game 111

Play Meter Magazine 105

Play Time Toys, Inc. 607

Plush Appeal, LLC 205

Poker Tek Inc. 1010

Punch Line Distributions Corp. 1116

Pyramid Technologies, Inc. 103

RePlay Publishing Inc. 264

Rhode Island Novelty, Inc. 409

RJC Entertainment Group, Inc. 1056

Rowe International Corporation 340

S&B Candy and Toy Company 750

Sacoa Playcard System 410

SEGA Amusements U.S.A., Inc. 640 

Shaffer Distributing Company 508

Shelti, Inc. 1128

Skee-Ball, Inc. 112

Smart Industries 516


Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, LLC Sponsor

Stern Pinball, Inc. 741 

Subsino America 505

Sunbelt National Marketing - Just-4-Fun Skill Games 605 

Super Auctions, Inc. 1109

Sureshot Redemption 756

Suzo - Happ Group 810

Tectron International 905

The Club Lucky Group, LLC Sponsor

The Northwestern Corporation 1022

Tomy Yujin Corporation 761

Totally RED Software, LLC 159 

TouchTunes Music 716

Tourist Attractions Parks Magazine 608

Toy Factory, LLC 363

Triotech Amusement Inc. 948

Valley-Dynamo 122

Venco Business Music 262

Vending Supply, Inc. 1163

Vending Times, Inc. 209

Wayne E. Hesch Educational Foundation 117

Wurlitzer Jukebox & Vending 863

Zamperla Inc. 563

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Just a reminder.

The AMOA International Expo, Las Vegas, NV is next week. If you would like to meet, let me know. I will be there Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. This will be my first time so I am excited about checking out all the suppliers that will be there. Some will show new products that have not been released yet.

I will also take pictures that I will post and I write a review about the event when I return.


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