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NCCS question


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I am signing up with the NCCS. I see they offer brochers for handing out to your locations. I don't see anywere on there site that you can veiw these brochers. I would like to see one before I order them.

Could someone post a picture of this brocher frount, inside, and back?

Do any of you use their "Certificate of Appritiation"? If so do you think it helps you keep your locations longer?  Do you give this when you first place the machine or do you wait to see how the location is doing first?

Thanks in advance.

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I no longer support the NCCS but when I did, Here is the brochure I had used. This is an updated version but the wording is the same.



The letter they provide, called a "placement letter" was a valuable tool when placing the machines. I felt it added a touch of needed credibility to the cause. So many locations have been led to believe that charity vendors keep all the money and donate none to charity. The letter is obviously not proof that you do indeed pay the charity but it goes a long way toward projecting a professional image.

I would suggest you make copies of the letter and fold it into the brochure. Include a copy of a personalized thank-you letter, (example can be found in the tools section) and your business card.

The presentation of this material will help to put the location at ease about your intentions with the revenue derived.


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I have nothing against the charity. I just chose to start supporting the local chapter of the ACS walk for life. I found it was much easier to locate machines for this charity as it supported a local event that my wife and I also participate in each year. (24 hour walk)

I have also dropped many of my charity stops in favor of commission.


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