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Tj King Costs more than Sams Club


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I vend Reeses Pieces and Skittles

TJ King sells reeses pieces for 1.92 per pound vs sams club 1.77 per pound

does anyone know of a place were i can buy candy online so i don't have to always be running to sams club (45min away) and somewere there is cheaper candy

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Skittles Tjking is having a "featured item" 1.44lb vs sams club 1.75 per lb

noticed at tj kings its 12 54 oz bags

and it weighs 46.7 lb

54 oz=3.375lb

3.375 x 12= 40.5

? whats the deal ?

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I think you will find most use one of the discount stores such as sams, cost co, or others like that. I know wal mart sells some for only a dollar or two more wich after gas may be cheaper.

You may wont to do a search of this site as this question has been asked many times before. It is always ok to ask again as they may be old.

This question would also get more coments if it was placed in the bulk vending section.

Good luck and I hope you find the answere you are looking for.

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I did a lot of searching for bulk candy online. TJ King was the cheapest by far...but Sam's Club and BJ's were cheaper (BJ's was cheapest for me).

Do the math...see if gas costs outweigh the savings from Sam's. Also, think about shipping costs if you buy online.

As for the weight difference, I think TJ King gives you the total weight of the box as that is what shipping charges are based on. The weight of the candy will be less (the container weight is the difference).

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Welcome to the forum fvc.

Buying online can be good, but you have to figure shipping costs in also.

Do you live near a Smart and Final? Where I live (California) they sell Skittles 54 oz. for 6.19 vs. 5.88 at my nearest Sam's, and Reese's pieces 44oz. for 5.69 vs. none at my Sam's, who doesn't stock them.

They are a little higher in price than Sam's, but only a 15 minute drive from my house, versus a 70 mile round trip drive to Sam's. No membership fee either. I only have a few machines so the drive to Sam's would not be worth it.

Also, if you join Smart and Final's SmartAdvantage club--also free-- you can get the candy cheap when it's on sale.

The Costco here, forget it. No bulk candy except PMM's at $12.68 for a 45oz. bag!

Hope this helps.


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so you guys think it would be worth paying a bit more and going through TJ king, i did the math a trip to sams is 10$ round trip, i go to that city often enough but there selection is skittles, reecess, runts, mikeikes, hot tamalies, mnm's

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