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change vending size NW 60


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I was just going to say I already answered your question in the last post you made about this. I am sorry that I am going to do a little venting on you.


If you are triing to get your twenty postes in you can do this without asking the same questions twice. Infact they will reveiw your posts and decide if they are worthy of entrance. Most of your posts are good (in my opinion) but the double posting is not needed. I have seen this a couple of times with you.

Other then this I am glad to see you on the forum. You seem to have some good questions and answeres. Keep posting just watch the double posting.

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sorry i already had 20 posts when i asked this. the other times i noticed somthing that i forgot to say, i just found out you can edit posts. sorry for the doubble posting, won't happen in the future now i know about editing posts

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