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Will I make more money with GUM or Candy or DI or Certs ?


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Gum makes more money on the dollar spent. Candy sells quick. DI will do very good in right location but requires its own machine. They all have their place and the location should be looked at for this disition. This is not something anyone can answere becouse location, customers, areas, and venders are all different. So each requires different products or machines.

If you are starting out try one of each and see what works for you.


Also think about toys.

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Agreed with what Desert said. Approach this like any other business. Lots of factors to consider.

You also need to factor in the cost of machines. Can you get a good deal on DI machines over gumballs?

What about product? How cheaply can you get each?

Basically I am saying to look at *profit* you'll need to consider your costs too.

Good luck!


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I think your DI is a niche market. I have one and will probably place it in a steak house or something. So, I have no real experience there. I use triples. Max exposure. I use gumball, Peanut M&M and something else usually. Everyone loves those gumballs. PMM are very popular. If you like the single head machines, you could go doubles also.

If money is tight and you have to start with one machine, I would try to get the placement and tell them you will deliver in a week. Then you can order the machine you need and fill it according to the locations demographics. Or get the machine with both a candy and a gumball wheel, then get the proper filler. Remembering that you can change it out next month if it does not met your expectation.

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- I don't know about Dentyne Ice

- Peanut M&Ms are the best candy, period. Skittles, M&Ms & Reece's are the 2nd best selling candies in my area. Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales & Runts are all 3rd. Other candies & gumballs do "ok" but never do spectacular.

- Spicy nuts work well in warehouses, auto repair shops & any business that has a lot of hispanics (culturally they like spicy stuff);

- Capsuled toys are AWESOME. They never go bad, and sell well in places that have kids

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All good posts.

You have to think, the more heads the more inventory. The more inventory, the more cost and potential spoilage (for candy not toys). These are factors to consider starting off.

We started with DI and already three locations asked if we could provide other candy. We're not set up right now to give them PMMs or nuts because we went with the one machine, one product theory. We don't have a garage of ready to go heads. We might soon if these requests keep up.

Good luck on your choice. Some people actually go out and find locations first and see what interest there is before purchasing a type of machine and product.

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Here's the answer you don't want: It depends on the location. Some locations you can't sell an M&M peanut for a penny, others locattion act like gumballs are the best thing since sliced bread. You never know until you place the machine.

This is why I prefer a 3 head machine over doubles or singles. You can always leave your 2 most profitable sellers in the machine and try a new product if a brand of candy isn't selling well. IMO you should take a triple to a location with Gumballs, PMM, and M&M as a starter. Go a month or 2 with that selection and see how well the products sell. Keep in mind that gumballs only cost 2 cents per vend compared to about 12 cents per vend for M&M's so don't pull gumballs too quickly.

Also, use only 1 bag of candy per head when you first place a machine. You don't know how fast or slow it will sell or if you will have to pull a product. This is a penny pinching business and waste will kill your profits.

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