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Capsule 1.0 vs 1.1 ?


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Sometimes people just say 1" instead of 1.1". However, there are 1" round capsules. They are the size of a gum ball. The 1.1" capsules are acorn shaped. That's what causes them to be a fraction of an inch larger. The variety of toys is much, much larger in the 1.1" capsules.

Hope that helps with your question.


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Anyone using 1.3"? I meant to ask for a sample from A&A Global when I placed my order for 1.1", but I forgot. I'll have to wait until next order to test it in my machines and see first-hand what stuff would fit in it.

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No, No Vendboy.

They are NOT the same, Gary pointed that out. 1.1" are acorn type. If you call and say 1" capsules they will send ROUND caps. There is a difference. 1.1" are acorn, and come in many types of toys. 1" are round, and come in a assorted ring type mix.


oops=  Thanks for keeping  me  understanding  ,   I got it now....;)
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