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Variety snacks in honor box


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Years ago I did soda and snack machines. Most of my accounts were stopped because they weren't selling enough I had smaller offices 40-50 employees. I still have some of the machines in locations. But now that I have a deli I want to get back into vending more. I have been placing machines in offices of my customers of the deli.

I want to get into honor boxes and have some questions.

Why do people use variety packs in honor boxes? There will always be that product that never sells, but still I see honor boxes with 15 different types of candy bars 2 of each and the chips the same way 1 or 2 of each variety. Can someone explain why I see people doing honor boxes like this? Does anyone else agree with me?

Does any one sell bulk candies next to the snack honor box? Or does it just take away from sales selling chips and snacks for $1 next to candies for 25 cents?

I read a glass door refrigerator for soda honor vending is $200. That's really cheap anyone have any recommendations?

What employee count does honor box work best with? 10-50?

What types of locations are best? I read hair salons are great? But are they only great if you leave them in the customers view?

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