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Naming Machines


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Does anyone name their machines? I guess for people with hundreds it isn't feasible, but for those of you with less than 100?

I'm a huge Simpsons fan. I only have 17 machines so far, but have named them all after Simpsons characters.

Anyone doing anything similiar?


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Guth Vending wrote:

"Bart made 20 bucks this month, but he lost his chute cover, exposing his works"! haha 

Ahhhh, I knew you had a sense of humor Kyle! Thats a great one! :D

I too have only numbers for my machines. Never thought about naming them. The numbers on my machines represent a code that tells me very quickly when I acquired the machine and the price I paid for it. When I first started I thought that would be relevant. I just continue to use that formula because I'm used to it.


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