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Setting The Record Straight

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Hello All,

I have come to realize that in the previous months I left out some important information regarding my business. I guess with all the moving and back and forth I never updated my previous posts in relation to machine count and what had transpired. I dont need to do this but I want be as straight forward as possible as I owe much thanks to all of you for the help and kind words. Here is the breakdown, Started the idea to get into vending in Las Vegas. I had locations set up and ready to go. Wife received good job offer in Arizona and just so happens the schools in AZ  needed a reliable vending service as well. My initial plan was to keep the Vegas accounts and the new accounts in AZ which required 25 machines. Then decided that it was way to much for me to handle driving round trip into Vegas every week so I gave those locations up. At one point I was commited to purchase 15 machines for my new AZ locations but had to drop a soda machine as the demand for it wasnt there. So here is the tally of machines that I have now.......sorry for the long post but just wanted to set the record straight.

4 Saeco 7p Plus Coffee Machines on location

4 AP Studio 2 Snack Machines on location

6 Royal 650 Live Display on location

64 1800 Bulk Machines waiting to be placed.

Brian Goodman

Summit Vending LLC


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