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Vendmax Gumballs - Key issues


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Hello Everyone

My name is Adam, I recently purchased a vending machine business. 18 vendmax double chamber machines.

I'm having issues with the key though. The type of key is D003 and the only one I was given is half broken and doesn't unlock some of them because the teeth in the key is so worn down.

Is it something I can take to a locksmith? Is there anyone on this forum with a spare d003 key I could purchase?

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I purchased these machines hoping to add a bit of passive income for my family but now I'm wondering if I've made a mistake buying these.

Thank you.

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Hi Adam


i have 6 vendmax single heads working out in my route and they do decently ... vending machines are no mistake...if i had that key i would gladly give it to you and ask you kindly that once you open up all your machines to throw away those cheap chinese locks along with that key :)




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