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OK My old computer broke (SNIFF SNIFF) so I had to pull out my old XP desktops and use them for a while. I have to vent becouse I am currently updating a new laptop and didn't really wont to spend money on one. So a friend sold me his old one for $200 and it was worth it. He is a gamer and this one didn't work for him but will do fine for what I am using it for.

I reset it to factory so I am having to do updates, install office, install my programming stuff, install, update, install, update, install, update remove programs that came with the system. Its getting flustrating. I hate getting new computers. don't get me wrong its nice getting better equipment its just that now I have to work it all out how I won't it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Sorry for venting all and sorry for spelling havent got it all worked out yet.

Its about the same as my old system except less ram and I can switch it out.



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Thank you

Got it going. Once I added ram this thing realy speed up and is working A+. I took the old ram from my last lap top and installed it in this one. It realy flys now. I have all the important things installed now its just oh yea I need this or that.

Im glad most is fixed. I feel much better.

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