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Seeking vending services proposals


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Here is an email I received from the Food Service Director at Gloucester (MA) Public Schools. This is a live request so if there are any vendors here from the Boston area, feel free to respond to it. I have declined to send a proposal because Gloucester is over 2 hours from me.

The reason I am posting this email is three-fold.

First, it is an example of how a website can help your business. This email came from someone who googled vending services in Massachusetts and found my website. If I didn't have a website, I would have never heard from this individual or others like him. Websites. Cheap and easy business promotion. Get one.

Second, I'm hoping that someone from this site can acquire this account. It would be fulfilling to know that one of my members was able to land such a lucrative account.

And third, I wanted to give those of you who are just starting out an example of what may be asked of you if you decide to solicit accounts of this nature. If nothing else, there is some great insight in this email. Study it carefully and you will be in a better position to bid on these types of accounts in your own area.



Good Afternoon,

I am the food service director for the Gloucester Public Schools. I am evaluating all services provided to my program. Vending services is one of those. 

Please submit a proposal for servicing the vending needs at the Gloucester High School and O'Maley Middle School, I would be happy to look at it. I am asking the same from others. It should include expected return in both dollars and percentages, services, products, compliance with all laws and requlations. Let me know if you are interested and I will arrange a tour of our facilities.



Richard Kelleher

Food Service Director

Gloucester Public Schools

978-281-9806 or 9818


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Very lucrative indeed. Serving healthy snacks and flavored water to middle and high school students is a money maker. Take a look at my posted numbers in the revenue section for location 4. Granted it's a daily fill but if close enough its worth it.


Summit Vending LLC 

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