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OK, just to keep you guys informed about D.I. / Certs machines

We're just starting out in Jersey with Dentyne ICE / Certs machines.  We used Midwest locator for 15 of 30 machines. 

MidWest got :

a Gym                                19.00

Hotel                                  12.50 

JC Penney                           13.75 *

The Limited store breakroom 8.00 *

Golf course                           4.00

corporate breakroom x 2     6.00

Sporting Goods Breakroom   12.00

Bar / Restaurant                    35.00 

CVS Pharmacy                       0.25  *

Pizza Grille                            just placed

Deli  x 2                                 3.00

Police Station                        18.00 *

Sears Auto                             19.00 *

  Ave totals from Jun - Aug    * = (30 days)

So obviously, more traffic, sit down, eating or drinking establishments do better

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Just to piggyback on the last post

We used Kick Start for 5 machines (all D.I.)

So far  (30 day):

Diner / Family Restaurant      $16.00

Pizza joint                              $16.75

Italian Pasta Rest   not collected yet

Sports bar        just placed

Bar / Restaurant  - awaiting placement

4 total placed

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OK here's the latest from

MidWest locators :

a Gym                                21.00   (up)

Hotel                                  10.00  (down)

JC Penney                           10.50 (down)

The Limited store breakroom 6.25 (down)

Golf course                           3.00  (down)

corporate breakroom x 2     6.00

Sporting Goods Breakroom (Double)   12.00 (same)

Bar / Restaurant                    33.00 (down)

CVS Pharmacy                       PULLED

Pizza Grille                            14.00 *

Deli  x 2                                 3.00  (same)

Police Station                        14.00  (down)

Sears Auto                             18.00 (down)

Old Navy                               just placed

These are  Ave totals from Jul - Sept    * = (30 days or first collection)

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Thanks for posting your numbers KC. Keep pusing forward. The numbers will get better as you move along. You may want to think about switching out to some candy machines instead of DI and Certs in a few of those. This way you can see if it makes any difference.

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I'm sure it will.  The breakrooms are prime locations for 'other than DI' machines.

We are just not there yet.  We are searching for good used heads maybe triples to help us make the jump. It seems the way to go, but with juggling product and an inventory of different machines and a full-time job and a part-time teaching job is what made the one-product, one-machine theory so attractive.

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Kick Start for 5 machines (all D.I.)

Totals so far  : 

Diner / Family Restaurant

 $  16.00

 $  16.50

Pizza joint

 $  16.75

 $    8.00

Italian Pasta Rest  

 $    7.00

 $    4.00

Sports Pub  

 $  12.75

Indian Cuisine Rest  - just placed

Working on a replacement for the Italian place. Not overwelming given the economy.

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