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New Machine! Headaches all round...


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 Hey all!!

Talk about headaches! I bought my first full-line drink machine a month or so ago. Man, there were so many problems! Firstly it cost a mint to get it shipped to where I live, secondly it was too heavy for four guys to carry up the stairs (at a stadium)..and it's been a pain getting a hold of an electronic stairjack....So it's still downstairs waiting to be put upstairs where everyone waits around.

Then the lights wouldn't work, and the electrician said it needs a new ballast and everything! Ah! Then I realised that I put the wrong kind of drinks in it...only one lane was really selling!...

Flip. If there was something that could go wrong, it has gone wrong. What a learning curve. However, I almost wouldn't have it any other way - i've chalked this one up to experience and will be able to save money next time I buy one.

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Do your self a favour and hire professional movers if available. Or go to the local pub and hire two of the biggest guys in there. Or use a regular fridge cart with one guy on top and three guys on bottom one stair at a time. Or a piano sled and slide it up the stairs. (actually is two pieces of hardwood shaped like a sleigh for skidding pianos) Of course there is still one more option a crane to get it to the top floor.

Glad you are having fun and learning too.

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