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Getting Liability Insurance Quotes

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Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of getting quotes for liability insurance to cover my bulk candy vending business. I've contacted Hub International, as some of you have recommended, and my homeowner's insurance (State Farm).

Hub followed up with me today and wanted to know where each of my locations are, past/current revenue, inventory amount in each machine, and the values of each machine. State Farm did not ask these questions. Have you all been asked similiar questions while looking at liability insurance options?



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We just went through this process and ended up chosing State Farm.

For us, the primary issue was liability insurance. Some kid chokes we don't want to be sued. Even though we have an S-Corp, and therefore our personal finances would be protected, we don't want the company's assets (all of the machines and the routes) to be taken.

State Farm, like when you approached them, did not ask us those questions.

For bulk machines, there is no reason to insure them specifically...the deductable and/or the amount your premiums will rise if you file a claim will be much higher than an individual machine.

So, make it clear you only care about liability. It sounds like Hub is trying to insure more than that.


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