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Saying Hi To Everyone!!


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Hey folks! :cool:

I am a relatively new Bulk Vendor. I've only been at this about 4 months but it's been a very fast four months!! Initially I purchased a route from a guy who decided to call it quits. Turns out, I would have called it quits too had I had the ancient triple head machines he had. He sold me a small route of 11 machines, all located and supposedly thriving, for $1200. Not a bad deal considering. The machines were of the UltraVend variety. They were like...REALLY OLD! They were the kind of machines that on the back side of them when I would go to empty out the quarters, I would have to stick the key in, turn it 1/4th, 1/5th, or 1/2 of a turn while pulling and when the lock finally gave, out came the entire lock with key still attached! :P  The guy gave me an old blue backpack with melted Mike N' Ikes in the bottom of it and in the front pocket was a " Mess o' Keys".  We're talking 20 something, some red, some green, some black, I was confused!!! So I finally sold off those machines and replaced them with both the Vendstar models and the Metal durable ones! It was a lot of work.

The metal machines are very heavy to lug around, especially if you prefill the heads with candy to just try and make it easier to take out to your locations. And the Vendstars on the other hand I could lift with a pinky finger and come swingin' terribly easy in a bar room brawl if necessary! My back appreciates the Vendstars more. I would be interested in hearing from all of you what products sell the best in the Vendstar models and other triple heads. Do mixing of the peanut and plain M&M's appeal more to customers? How many machines does it take to turn..say $1000 per month with if you are using the triple heads? Right now I have 30 machines. I am about to do my next big run on Sept. 4th and 5th. I hope to be pleasantly surprised but we will see!

Also people!!! I am happy to announce an informative, but funny side of the Bulk Vending Business on my web page:


There's a lot of helpful information there for newbies!

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