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SURE LOCATIONS only function is to find profitable placements for bulk candy machines that dispense candy such as M&M's, Gumballs, Skittles, etc... for Vendstar, Single Head, 2 or 3 Head, Northwestern, 800-Vending, U-Turn's, Terminator, etc..

Location Fee $50.00 per machine prior placements

Please send a list of zip codes for the areas you wish to have your machines placed.

SURE LOCATIONS work for the individual customer-YOU. We do not accept business from the large vending manufactures and distributing companies. This allows us to focus on locating your machine, quickly and to your satisfaction.

Select a charity to donate a portion of your vending proceed's (Anywhere from $1.00 to $1.50) If possible choose a charity special to you, your family or a friend. We will inform the location owners of the charity you have selected. Affiliating with the charity is not only important to you, but it will assist in the placement of your machine, and you will not have any commission payment's to location owners.

Shriner's 1-866-311-4250

American Lung Association 1-800-LUNGUSA http://www.lungusa.org

National Children's Cancer Society 314-241-1600

Vanished Children's Alliance 408-296-1117 http://www.vca.org

Child Quest International 408-287-4673 http://www.childquest.org

National Federation of the Blind 410-659-9314 http://www.nfb.org

Child Search Ministries 281-350-5437 http://www.childsearch.org

Hugs Not Drugs 561-585-7771 http://www.hugsnotdrugs.org

Make A Wish 800-722-WISH http://www.wish.org

SURE LOCATIONS will call, fax or e-mail you when we secure your locations.



2-Customer Decision Maker

3-Acceptance Guarantee

4-If not satisfied with location, replacement free within 2 weeks.

Location acceptance with customer approval guaranteed free. Re-location provided if requested during intial two weeks.

 Buyer must provide own machine and inventory.


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