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Eh Hem! 20,000 posts?


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Well we quietly hit (and surpassed) the 20,000 post mark! You all should have known I was going to give something away! :D

For all those who remembered our 10,000th post contest, I'm sure you can figure out why I kept this one on the down low. I'm quite surprised that no one even mentioned it.

I have, for our 20,000th poster, a choice of either a $40.00 gift certificate to A&A Global OR a $40.00 gift certificate to eBay!

And now for the PRIZE WINNING POST.........

It was post # 7 from the following thread...


Will the author please come forward to claim your prize by posting an acknowledgment here. You have 7 days to claim your prize.

Thanks everyone for the 20,000 contributions you all have made and here is to 20,000 more!




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WOW!! This has to be a sign for sure:) While I have never dealt with A&A Global, it seems they are pretty highly regarded here so I guess I should help support a good company. Btw- I have only been here for a short while and I have to admit, while I have been involved in many forums (none vending related) over the years, there is a certain level of "camaraderie" here that seems lost in a lot of other places. It's nice to see so many people sharing and helping others to succeed.

As I progress, I too hope to help and share (both good and bad), and with some luck, maybe I can prevent somebody from making mistakes as well. It's extremely important to give back and this is truly a great place. Thanks again!!


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You are very welcome Guile! And thanks for the kind words. We all strive to make this the friendliest forum around.

I will send you a PM with details on how to claim your winnings.


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