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14 machines to report, total of $130 collected, most on location about a week

(11 others on location and another 23 waiting to be located)

All 1-800 triples unless otherwise noted.

8 days - pizza place - $3.25

skunked on Polarmints, $1.50 from LiveWire citrus energy chews

27 days - daycare/learning center break room - $21.00

4-selection U-turn, M&I and MMs best sellers

26 days - shoe repair store - $16.25

vendstar, Skittles dominated, PMM's 2nd place

8 days - restaurant/pizzeria - $13.50

exactly equal performance from LiveWire choc energy chews, GBs, and Skittles

7 days - Mexican restaurant - $6.75

LiveWire choc and GBs were the top two performers

8 days - Mediterranean restaurant - $5.00

GBs beat out LiveWire choc and Skittles

9 days - corporate chain pizza place - $26.00!!!

best location by a mile, $13.25 from Dark PMMs and $9.50 in Dentyne Ice "mini-packs" (4 for $0.50 in capsules)

7 days - military recruiting office - $1.25

asked for Hot Tamales and only 3 vends in a week

8 days - deli / pizza / c-store - $1.00

skunked on original pink gumballs and LiveWire citrus, only PMM sold

7 days - manufacturing facility, by water cooler (100+ employees) - $12.25

LiveWire Citrus and GBs beat out DI  "mini-packs"

9 days - office break room - $1.00

just 2 GBs and 2 LiveWire citrus sold, LiveWire Mint skunked, switched for PMMs

10 days - grocery store break room - $15.00

LiveWire citrus did $13.00, dominating Skittles and DI "minis", need to put more energy chews here

7 days - craft store break room, next to full sized snack machine - $5.25

LiveWire choc did best, need to put more energy chews here

7 days - deli - $2.50

skunked on DI in a candy wheel, 3 for $0.50, LiveWire choc and Runts did better

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We checked them in a week in part to see how things are going but also to switch out items we already knew wouldn't do well in the location where the machine ended up and to establish/maintain a relationship with the businesses. 

We won't always check them every week, but there were a few minor details that we're glad to have caught now so we can tweak them.

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Plus, we were anxious to learn how the energy chews would do, and we had only filled the machines 1/3 to 1/2 full in most instances

We thought that doing a one-week check-up for the new installations would give us more information sooner. Probably not necessary, but we're just getting started and are anxious for data.

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