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Need Help FAST !!!!!


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Hey guys, this is crazy I know but just let me know what you think.  I have a connection with 11 full line machines (2 snack 9 soda).  I have few specifics on the machines other than this:

  • All machines work
  • None have keys
  • Some are pretty old
  • They are 1.5 hours away from me
My quastion is this.  If I can get ALL the machines for $200 Plus $150 for supplies to move them (truck, dolly gas, etc) is it worth it even if I end up scrapping them?  I mean maybe there are two or three machines worth changing th locks on to make into "ready to go" machines.  I think locks go for about $30, right?  Are locksmiths expensice, or can I drill and setup a new lock myself. 

The reason for the urgency is that it is one of those deals that would need to be done by tomorrow (saturday)morning.  Please let me know what you would do.


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This sounds like a good deal but will it be worth it for you to invest the time and money to refurb them if it can be done. Can these machines be repaired? Parts available for machines? In my opinion if you can answer yes to the above questions that is one good deal. Congratulations.Also you can find locks with keys for $10-$15 on ebay. Please keep us updated.


Summit Vending LLC

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     Thanks for the encouragement Johnny.  I'm keeping my head high.  The way I look at it is that when I'm meant to get into full line I will find some machines and the deal will work out.  It wasn't meant to be and I'm ok with that.

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If you're mechanically inclined you can drill locks out.The way I figured out where to start drilling is to have a replacement lock to look at to drill out where the lock tab is,you'll also need quality drill bits,I use dewalt bits from home depot.The other types just don't work as well.aAs far as cheap machines,you just have to keep looking.I just won a AP Snackshop 5000 for $50.


For 4 or 5 hundred dollars I'll have a machine that would cost me $1200 already refurbished.

Keep looking on ebay for good deals close to you that you can pickup yourself and save shipping costs.

Good luck,


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Just on the subject of opening machines without keys, there is a quicker and easier way than drilling the lock, if the machine is fitted with a barrel lock inside the handle, which most soda & snack machines are.

For obvious reasons I'm not going to post it here, but if any forum member wants to PM me I'll pass on the details

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