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Vending Jelly Belly Beans.............+ Jolly Rancher update


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Hey guys,

I had a thought of vending jelly belly beans............ has anyone had luck vending these gourmet jelly beans? Also, i recieved an email from another vendor who was trying out vending jolly ranchers in 1.1 toy capsules........He says its doing well so i thought i would pass info on about the ranchers.



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I'm really new and inexperienced but I will be vending Jelly Belly.

I have Loonie machines (Canada) and they had some Jelly Belly and other assorment candies in them. In two weeks at my only current location I did $80.00.

Jelly Belly is expensive but have a fair return. Vends 1oz for a dollar cost .31 per vend. As for shelf life unknown.

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I think i am going to give gourmet jelly beans a try in a few of my next machines. I was thinking that I will dump the bag in the machine and then tape the back of the bag, that has a pic of all the flavors, on the top of my machine.  I think its part of the fun of eating them, not knowing what flavor you got and then looking to see

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