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Ok vendors im back from the army but i need some help and advise for my route its in a bind.


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I currently have 43 locations. I left for basic training 3 months ago for the army but was discharged when i fell and damaged my left knee. Now that im back home as of the 19th i went back to my route that i had my mother run and fill up while i was gone. When i came back home, the price of products went up, gas was up, and sales drop dramaticaly. I had stops making 36.00 a month that are now down to 6.00. My overall avg went from 30 a location down to 12.00. Ive had the same product PMM at most of the places. I need any thoughts on how i can increase my sales and getthings back on track im hurting financially and need some advise on how to pull out of this rut.


PVT Shawn D.

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Let me be the first to say welcome back! We missed you!

I am sorry to hear about your injury and your plight with your business.

 There has been a lot of talk about Pmm's going up and gas going up. One of the best moves I made was switching to a 6 week rotation to save on gas. I am also researching fuel addatives to help improve mileage. I am only vending 5 to 6 Pmm's per vend and have done so for quite some time successfully. I don't know what your vend amounts on Pmm's are but that may help a little to offset cost.

The other thing I am doing is either selling gumballs or Skittles along with Pmm's to make locations more profitable. I don't have much else to offer right now. (I have to go put the kids to bed.) I'm sure there will be plenty of advice for you soon from the forum.

Hang in there!


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I would encourage you to give it another rotation cycle before you make any premature judgements. Change some of the products out if the results have been poor for a while. Add gumballs as was already mentioned to bring your profit margin up too.

Has there been anything major happen in the town such as a plant closing or large numbers of military leaving for service? Is it possible your mom let your machines get empty? I have had some occaisonal severe swings but usually not this severe. If you'll ride this out, I believe it will get better.

One thing I will point out is that I seem to see a drop every September because of extra expenses to get the kids in school. I've also seen drops when gas prices initially spike.  In both instances, sales seem to recover quickly.

Let us know what happens - you can rebuild it!


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