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hi all, another newbie from IL


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Hi all,

   I am reletively new to vending , but not really!? About 3 years ago I was going to start a small candy route. I had machines and everything. Then came the adoption of our daughter from Thailand and I sold all my equipment to help fund the fees associated with the adoption! Well here I am 3 yrs later and still interested in starting a very small biz in southern IL.

  What has been asked many times and I really dont know the answer... What is the liability of candy/gumball machines? Say a kid chokes on a gumball or machine falls on them? Insurance or just hope for the best?  

Somehow when I did the initial search for this site I got into the file section?:huh: Now that I am a member I am hopingt o build up to really enjoy the file section!! Thanks!~:cool:

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Thanks all for the warm welcome! I am going to start out slow like I had in mind several years ago! I am wanting to find me a good deal on a Northwestern and place it myself around some local companies That I am friends with.. And hopefully build over time!:cool:

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