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Charity or Commission?


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I believe using a charity is the easiest way for placing 1-3 head machines, but some I have done without either. I even have a snack and pop location with no commission.

If you are doing a rack you will probably need to go commission. There are others on the board with more experience in racks than me, sure they will chime in shortly.

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So far, I've only offered commissions to businesses.  Would I gain more accounts, more yes answers, by hooking up with a charity?

     The answer is yes in my experience and I'll tell you why.  I live in a fairly small town and use a local charity.  People here are more willing to help out a local (key word) charity than make a few bucks for themselves.  Plus, once people know they will only make about 15% on a machine that does $20 a month, they are not really interested anyways.

PS: What do you pay for commission?

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